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The 413 Project

Jan 30, 2018


This episode continues the story of how God put key people in place to take care of His people.  Here we see Joseph, Jacob's youngest son is in prison in Egypt after his brothers sold him into slavery.  Joseph being wrongly imprisoned, quickly sets himself apart from the other prisoners by being a leader and peacekeeper in the situation.  This allowed Joseph to find favor with the guards.  Soon after, prisoners come to Joseph to interpret the meaning of disturbing dreams, in exchange Joseph asked the King's butler, who was also in prison, to remember Joseph when he returns to serving the king.  The butler remembered Joseph, only after two years when the King himself had a disturbing dream and wanted it interpreted.  Once Joseph interpreted the King's dream and advised how to save the nation of Egypt from famine, Joseph was given a high position as the second in command in Egypt.  God's plan to have Joseph in this position also saves Israel from the famine.  This is yet another example of how God weaves together events, some not all together good, for His purpose.

Key Verse:  Genesis 39:21 - "But the Lord was with Joseph in the prison and showed him his faithful love.  And the lord made Joseph a favorite with the prison warden."

Its still sometimes hard for us to see how God is working, or how our bad situation could ever get better, especially when it feels like it couldn't get any worse. Joseph's example of faithfulness to God through the hard times is encouraging for today.  Each of us experience situations that are not "fair."  A brother or sister gets a toy and you don't, someone less qualified gets a promotion or lands a client you think you deserve, we all have these stories.  But what if the point of the situation is to teach you patience and to trust God?  Are we able to follow Joseph's example? Jaymes being the middle child, oldest of the boys, younger than all his sisters, he deals with "fair" all the time.  Its not easy to suck it up and just wait, but when we know God has a plan that is so much bigger and better for us.  Joseph waited 2 whole years to be released after he helped the butler.  But when he was released, he was placed in a position that he could never hope to achieve without God's plan.

Once again Jaymes does a great job pulling out the simple truths of God and the scriptures.  His knowledge of the Bible always impresses me.

Please comment below and tell us your insights and thoughts.  Can you recall a time that God used an unfair situation in your life to reveal truth or wisdom, or bless you with something more than you ever anticipated?  We cant wait to hear from you!